A refreshing take on premium travel.

With fully lie-flat seats, artisanal dining options, the most free inflight entertainment, revitalizing amenities and more, you're sure to arrive in Mint condition. Available on select coast-to-coast and Caribbean routes.


The Mint experience

The Mint experience timeline

Faster check-in


Faster check-in

Enter the Mint queue and receive expedited check-in service.

Speed-thru security


Speed-thru security

Go through security screening quickly by entering the fastest lane available.

Early boarding


Early boarding

Be among the first to take your seat on the plane.



Free Fly-Fi®

Fly-Fi® 3 is real broadband internet in the sky – and it's free! This onboard innovation delivers an incredible online experience, much like you'd expect at home or at work. Plus, access tons of entertaining content from great partners – Vice, Wall Street Journal and Amazon –in and out of coverage on our content portal, The Hub!

Nonstop entertainment


Nonstop entertainment

Access our other inflight entertainment offerings like DIRECTV® and SiriusXM Radio® on our new 15" video screens.

Sweet seats


Sweet seats

Kick back and relax in our comfy, fully lie-flat seats, complete with massage feature and adjustable firmness.

Dine in


Dine in style

Enjoy delicious meal options from our restaurant partner, Saxon + Parole, then finish it up with treats from Milk Bar Bakery and local ice cream!

Curated comforts


Curated comforts

Zip up your next adventure with a stylish his or her amenity kit, created just for Mint customers by Hayward & Hopper.

Sweet seats.

Kick back (all the way back) and relax–with the longest fully lie-flat seat (6'8") on a domestic premium flight*. Each super-comfy seat features cushions with adjustable firmness and a massage feature, a plush comforter and pillow, and thoughtful ergonomic touches. For extra privacy, Mint suites have their own door.
Based on avg. length of lie-flat beds on domestic premium flights operated by U.S. airlines.

Cloud computing, literally.

Make the most of your time onboard with free, high-speed, gate–to–gate wi-fi and dual 110v/USB power ports. You can also stream movies, TV shows and music from Amazon, and access more content—with or without wi-fi—on The Hub.
Fly-Fi® is not available on flights operating outside of the contiguous U.S.

The Fly-Fi logo

Nonstop entertainment.

Make yourself at home with 15" personal seatback touchscreens, a large library of free on-demand movies and TV shows, 100+ channels of DIRECTV® and 100+ channels of XM Radio®. Hand-crafted SR60e headphones from Grado Labs in Brooklyn will transform your Mint seat into an inflight theater.
DIRECTV® and XM Radio® are not available on flights operating outside of the contiguous U.S.

Mint food tray picture

Think small. Live large.

Our inflight bites reflect our commitment to small businesses and local favorites. Enjoy a seasonal small–plates menu by renowned NYC restaurant Saxon + Parole, sweet treats from Milk Bar, local artisanal ice creams, breads from Hot Bread Kitchen, cappuccino and espresso from Brooklyn Roasting Company, and bottles from some of America's best artisan winemakers, specially curated by our wine expert Jon Bonné.

Amenities that go the distance.

Go home with a complimentary Hayward & Hopper amenity kit, filled a curated selection of inflight indispensables, all zipped up with a sense of adventure and a touch of old Hollywood.

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Simply Mint to be

Book a Mint seat

Frequently asked questions


Can I book a Mint seat for my mother and a core seat for myself on the same reservation?

No, everyone on a reservation should be booked on the same experience. You will need to book two separate reservations if one of you flies Mint and the other books a core seat.

If I am booking a Mint seat, do I get Even More® Speed?

Yes, Even More Speed is included in the Mint experience.

Do Mint customers pay for their second checked bag?

No, like Mosaic Customers, Mint Customers get the second checked bag free.

Is there a government/military rate for Mint?

No, government contracts do not allow for business class flights less than 14 hours in duration.

What are the features of the Mint experience?

Mint seats offer the longest fully-flat bed (at up to 6'8") in the U.S. domestic premium market.

How big is a Mint suite?

The Mint suite offers the most living space of any other domestic carrier in the U.S. With its 1x1 configuration – only one seat on either side of the aisle – customers who purchase a suite have as much width as a standard core seat triple in conjunction with the longest flat beds at up to 6'8". Now that's a lot of personal space!

What length are the Mint seats when they are in the "lie-flat" position?

Our flat-bed seats are the longest in the domestic market at up to 6'8" long.

Can Mint seats be purchased with TrueBlue points?

Yes, all seats including Mint are available for purchase using TrueBlue points.

If I book a Mint seat with TrueBlue points, is there any additional seat fee?

No, Even More Space seats require an applicable extra fee, but Mint seats are part of the experience. The additional points required to book the Mint brand reflect the value of the enhanced experience.

Do I earn TrueBlue points at a higher rate when purchasing Mint flights?

No, TrueBlue points are earned based on the fare paid, not on the experience.

If I purchase a core flight with points and later decide to change to a Mint seat, can I use cash/credit to enhance my experience?

No, the same form of payment would have to be used. Customers traveling on redemption tickets must use points to enjoy the Mint experience; customers traveling on revenue tickets must use cash/credit.

Do Mosaic customers booking Mint receive anything different than non-Mosaic customers booking Mint?

Mint offers many enhancements including Even More Speed, early boarding and the second checked bag, which is standard for Mosaic Customers. Additionally, Mint offers many benefits to all customers independent of their Mosaic status including lie flat seats, 15" TV screens and complimentary meals. There are no exclusive benefits in Mint for Mosaic Customers.

If I booked a Mint seat but choose to go standby on an earlier flight that doesn't have Mint, will I get a credit?

No, if you voluntarily go standby on an earlier flight you will forfeit the Mint experience with no compensation.

If I booked a Mint seat, can I do a same day change and confirm a seat on another flight that day?

If there is another Mint flight on the same day of travel that has Mint seat availability, you may confirm seats after midnight local time for the same day change fee of $50 by calling 1-800-JETBLUE.

If I booked a core or Even More Space seat, can I do a same day change to Mint?

No, same day change may be from Mint to Mint or from Mint to core only. If Mint is available and you want to confirm Mint, you must exchange the ticket and pay any difference in fare.

If I booked a core or Even More Space seat and want to change to Mint on the same flight, is there a change fee in addition to the difference in fare?

No, as long as it is the same flight there will be no change fee. You will only pay the difference in fare. If you were booked in Even More Space, the seat fee will be refunded when you change to Mint.

What are the change fees if I booked a Mint seat?

Refer to the chart below for Mint change/cancel fees.

Mint change/cancel fees
Fare 60 days or more
prior to scheduled departure
Less than 60 days
prior to scheduled departure
Nonstop, one-way base fare
less than $950**
$75 per person $150 per person
Nonstop, one-way base fare
$950 or greater**
No fee No fee
Connecting, one-way base fare
less than $1,350**
$75 per person $150 per person
Connecting, one-way base fare
$1,350 or greater**
No fee No fee

Do carry-on bags go in the overhead for Mint?

Yes, since there is no under-seat stowage, carry-on bags must be placed in the overhead bin for takeoff and landing.

Are carry-on requirements different for Mint customers?

No, Mint customers are allowed the same number of carry-on items as core customers. FAA/TSA regulations allow each customer to take one carry-on and one personal item onboard the aircraft.

What is the under seat size for storing carry-ons in Mint?

There is no under-seat stowage in Mint; however, customers may still bring one carry-on and one personal item. Both items will need to meet the standard size restrictions and be stored in the overhead bin during takeoff and landing.

Are service animals or emotional support animals allowed in Mint seating?

Yes, JetBlue must permit Service Animals/Emotional Support/Psychiatric Service Animals to accompany a customer with a disability at any seat in which the person sits, unless the animal obstructs an aisle or other area that must remain unobstructed in order to facilitate an emergency evacuation. In JetBlue's Mint seating, the customer will forfeit the use of the reclining feature in order to accommodate a service or emotional support animal at the feet of the customer, outside a carrier. Carriers are not permitted and must be stowed in the overhead compartment during takeoff and landing. If the animal is small enough to sit comfortably on the customer's lap, the reclining feature may be used. If the animal(s) are of a size that prevents an adjacent customer from utilizing the amenities of their seat, the customer traveling with the animal(s) may need to be re-accommodated in another seat.

Can a customer use a Portable Oxygen Concentrator in Mint seating?

JetBlue will allow a customer to use FAA approved Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) during flight, with advance notice to JetBlue and an accompanying physician's medical documentation confirming the need for a POC. Customers must meet all JetBlue requirements associated with carriage of this device as found in Chapter 8 of the SOM. In JetBlue's Mint seating, the customer will forfeit the use of the reclining feature in order to accommodate the use of the POC during flight. Stowage of the POC during takeoff and landing will be required in the overhead compartment to comply with FAA requirements as the foot well area will not accommodate stowage.

Since meals are included in the Mint experience, is there an option for Mint customers with special dietary restrictions?

Yes. Mint customers with special dietary requests may choose from menus that feature Kosher, vegan, healthy, gluten-free and 'simple' meals. Kosher special meal requests must be ordered at least 48 hours before departure and all other special meal requests must be ordered at least 24 hours before departure by calling 1-800-JETBLUE.

Which flight times are associated with which Mint menus?

Customers on flights departing 7AM - 9:45AM are served Breakfast. Flights departing 10AM - 7PM (and westbound flights departing 7PM & later) are served Lunch/Dinner, while eastbound-only flights departing 7PM & later are served Shuteye menu. All flights offer our special menus (Plane Eats, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Low Calorie.)

Why are no pets allowed in Mint?

The configuration of the Mint seats prevents any under-seat stowage which includes pet carriers.

Are children allowed in Mint seats?

Yes, there are no age restrictions for Mint.

Are lap infants allowed in Mint?

Yes, any Mint customer may travel with one lap infant under the age of 2.

Can unaccompanied minors be booked in the Mint seats?

No, unaccompanied minors (UNMRs) are not allowed in Mint.

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