Special assistance

Wheelchair assistance

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JetBlue offers Mobility/Wheelchair assistance at all airport locations. The service is not always found curbside but may be requested inside the terminal from a JetBlue crewmember. Be sure to add your special service request to your reservation prior to travel either on line during your booking or by contacting 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) and having a reservation agent add it for you.
  • A wheelchair request at JetBlue includes an attendant to push the wheelchair and offer assistance.

Aircraft accessibility

Jetbridge access or level entry is not always available in every JetBlue city. If you are traveling in a wheelchair, there are tools available that can be made ready to assist you as you board or deplane the aircraft. Please add the appropriate service request, based on the level of mobility and assistance needed, so our stations can have the equipment ready to assist.

Cities without Level Entry Boarding

If you cannot ascend or descend stairs, please remind JetBlue of the assistance needed once you arrive at the airport. There may be a short wait while the necessary equipment is prepared.

Gate pass assistance

A friend or family member can provide disability-related assistance for you to the gate and stay until departure. A gate pass request must be made at the ticket counter for departing flights and noted in the reservation for arriving flights. Just make sure the person assisting goes to the ticket counter to get the gate pass and brings with them a government issued ID. When TSA and airport security levels are high, a gate pass may not be permitted.

Bringing your own wheelchair

When traveling with your own wheelchair, whether motorized or manual, it is important to let JetBlue know the best way to handle this essential device. Please click on the link, print and complete the form provided to describe the specific information about your wheelchair to describe how to operate and stow the chair.

Download the Wheelchair Information formopens a PDF

JetBlue has a customer transfer kit with a transfer board and sling at each of our stations to assist when boarding and deplaning the aircraft. You can request these tools at the airport to provide additional assistance as needed.

Be sure to notify a JetBlue crewmember at the airport when an aisle chair is needed to assist in boarding the aircraft.