Special assistance

Customers with cognitive disabilities

If you have cognitive challenges, JetBlue's awareness of the assistance needed is very important. These disabilities are not always obvious and each customer's situation is unique. Please communicate with our crewmembers at the time of reservation and with crewmembers at the airport to ensuring the assistance is provided.

Some examples of services offered are:

  • Autism – If you are traveling with children or adults with Autism disability seating, pre-boarding and time to get settled before the other customers board the aircraft are offered upon request. Letting our crewmembers at the airport and inflight of assistance needed will ensure the best experience. All our customers must comply with safety requirements such as fastening seatbelts and remaining seated during required taxi, takeoff and landing times.
  • Dementia / Alzheimer's / Down syndrome – If you or a family member has dementia, Alzheimer's or Down syndrome, JetBlue can provide escort assistance from the ticket counter to the gate upon request. This assistance does not involve wheelchair assistance. If you have a family member or friend you would prefer to provide this assistance, a gate pass can be requested to go to the gate and stay until departure. In addition, a family member can obtain a gate pass upon arrival to meet you at the gate. These requests are made at the ticket counter at the time of check-in and the name of the person for pick up must be communicated at the time of check-in as well.

If there are concerns about not being aware of the surroundings enough to remain in the gate area and follow instructions, JetBlue has paperwork to accompany you or your family member to communicate the assistance needed throughout the travel. Please communicate the services needed with the JetBlue crewmembers at the ticket counter.

A pre-board courtesy, is provided for our customers with cognitive disabilities before other customers. Please request this service at the gate prior to any boarding beginning. This courtesy is offered to you or your family member with the disability and one travel companion. You must be in the boarding area when the pre-boarding begins to be offered this courtesy.

Disability seating is available upon request outside 24 hours from departure and this action is highly recommended to ensure disability seating is available. If you arrive at the airport on the day of departure without appropriate seating, please make your request known at the ticket counter and JetBlue will do their best to make the accommodation.

Services not provided by JetBlue

If you or a family member require assistance inside the lavatory, administration of medications and feeding during flight, travel must include a Personal Care Attendant (family member or friend). JetBlue does not provide this assistance a final assessment will be made by JetBlue crewmembers at the time of departure to ensure the customer traveling has the assistance needed.

On board oxygen is not provided on JetBlue flights. If you need or may need oxygen during a flight, you are required to travel with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC). JetBlue does not allow the transport or use of canister oxygen due to its hazardous material classification.