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Traveling with medication

Please note that we do not provide medical services or administration of medication. However, we will provide service to help safely transport medication.

  • Medication should always remain with you in your carry-on baggage; never in checked baggage.
  • Our aircraft are not equipped with refrigerators, so please plan accordingly.
  • Concerns about transporting medication or medical supplies through a security checkpoint can be verified using the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) standardized security screening procedures at the TSA website.

Translation assistance

If you have a special service request for language assistance, we would like to provide you with important information to help with your travel on JetBlue.

  • Along with requesting special assistance in your reservation, please let our airport crewmembers and inflight crewmembers know of your special needs during your travel. At the airport we can call a translator line to assist you in communicating with us.
  • As an added courtesy, you may request a gate pass for a family member or friend to escort you to the gate and from the gate in your arrival city. You may request this at the ticket counter. The airport has the final approval of this request based on the current security level. Be sure the person requesting the gate pass has valid government-issued photo identification.

Information for hearing impaired customers

If you need assistance for a hearing impairment, please add the Special Services Request to your reservation from the dropdown box in the booking flow or contact a reservations crewmember to add the code. We can be reached at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) dial 711 for our relay services.

Assistance through security

In addition to the assistance JetBlue provides, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) provides support to Customers needing accommodations or assistance during the screening process.

TSA Cares is a helpline that provides travelers with disabilities, medical conditions and other special circumstances additional assistance during the security screening process.

Call 72 hours prior to traveling with questions about screening policies, procedures and what to expect at the security checkpoint.
(855) 787-2227
Federal Relay: 711
8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET
9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET

To view the Air Carrier Access Act please follow the link below:
14 CFR Part 382 — Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel , pdf opens in a new window operated by external parties and may not conform to the same accessibility policies as JetBlue

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